Set Imperf Stamps


  • Niger 1998 Soccer/football World Cup Scott 928-31 Set Of Imperf Deluxe Sheets
  • 1850 S To About 1920 Mint And Used World Stamp Collection In A Lovely Old Strand Album
  • Wonderful And Interesting Old Time World Stamp Collection
  • Europe Pre World War Ii Attractive Stamp Collection In A Fine Ka Be Printed Album
  • Interesting Mixed World All Period All Country Mint And Used Stamp Sorter Carton
  • Old World Stamp S 2
  • Bhutan 1984 World Communications Year Imperf Proofs Set
  • Special Lot Bhutan 1991 1028-42 World Cup 10 Sets In Full Sheets Imperf
  • Qatar 1966 Soccer/football World Cup Scott 107h-l Set Of 4 Imperf Sheetlets
  • World Scouts Thematic Stamp Collection In Five Volumes
  • Original World Stamp Collection In An Old Schaubek Album Lovely
  • Liberia #886-891 Imperf Sheet Of 25 Complete Set World Cup Espana 82 Wl4617
  • Huge World Stamp Collection Approximately 37 000 Different Stamps