Set Imperf Stamps

Year Of Issue > 1981-1990

  • Cook Islands 1985 Audubon Birds Set Imperf Pairs Final Issued Colors Superb Mnh
  • France Polynesia 1988 Grands Miss Protestants Ships Imperf Set Full Sheets Mnh
  • Iraq 1982 Itu Telecom Space Imperf Set Die Proofs On Small Sheets Vf Mnh & Rare
  • Niue 1984 Fauna Koala Ausipex Set 8v Imperf Marginal Vf Mnh From Limited Print
  • Tunisia 1982 Dome Jerusalem Palestine Set Of 3 Imperf Die Proofs Vf Mnh & Rare
  • Cook 1986 Ameripex Chicago Expo Franklin Set 3 Imperf Uncut Sheetlets Super Mnh
  • Cook 1986 Ameripex Chicago Expo Franklin Set 12 Imperf P/proof Sheetlets Vf Mnh
  • Oman 1987 Science Fisheries Hospital Set Collective Imperf 6 Prog Proofs Vf Mnh
  • Oman 1987 Arab Gulf Social Works 50b Imperf Set P/proofs (12) Blocks Four Vf Mnh
  • Iraq 1983 Saddam Baath Party Set 4v Imperf Pairs Mnh Only One Sheet Known